My Values
What I do
Following and implementing these core values allow me maintain a high level of professionalism and deliver a quality product for all of my clients. If you want to know about how I got started in design click the link below My History
I   believe   in   the   personal   touch.   I'll involve   you   closely   at   every   stage of   the   project   so   I   can   deliver   a solution    that    meets    your    vision and   budget.   I   won’t   take   on   any aspect    of    a    project    unless    I’m 100%   certain   that   I   can   deliver.   If it’s   not   my   area   of   expertise   then   I will   usually   be   able   to   offer   advice or    use    one    of    my    contacts    who will    be    happy    to    provide    their unique   skill   set   in   order   to   help out and deliver.
My   skills   lie   in   design.   I   can   work with      Wordpress      and      existing themes    but    for    the    best    results designing    and    building    bespoke graphics   and   websites   is   the   best option    as    they    are    tailored    to your   requirements.   I   do   not   get involved     in     App     development, coding      or      blinding      you      with science.   I   have   a   select   client   base that   allows   me   to   concentrate   on delivering a first class service.
  Before you trust your brand to anyone I think that it is important that you know what makes them tick.
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My Approach
Real Difference
My   main   passion   is   logo   design,     but   I   also   offer   a   wide   range   of creative   services   including   brand identity    and    website    design    to help   your   business   succeed   both on    and    off-line.    I    believe    that design    is    more    than    just    how something    looks    which    is    why    I take   pride   in   learning   about   your business    and    audience    in    order to   create   something   truly   unique and functional.
If you are wondering what the difference between hiring a freelance graphic designer vs a design agency is? Then here are some major benefits why freelance make sense:  As a Freelancer I am able to offer lower pricing than my design shop competitors. I work from a home office, so overhead costs are drastically lower than an agency so these savings can get passed down to you the client.   Unlike a design agency who have set work hours, I will respond to evening and weekend calls and emails. Phone calls go directly to me (the designer working on your project)  not a salesperson or account manager.   The attention to detail is higher as you are hiring the person responsible for 100% of the portfolio. Your project is more important to me as I have a smaller client base and trade on my reputation. Freelance  Benefits Top