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Originally   from   London   but   now   being   based   in   Kent   for   the   last   15 years, I was part of the digital revolution way back when. I   remember   being   astounded   and   blown   away   by   the   arcade   video game   ‘Space   Invaders’   after   it   landed   in   my   local   cafe.   My   friends   and   I were      all   drawn   in   by   the   mesmerising   effect   that   these   tiny   little   square white blobs that represented the ‘Invaders’ had on all of us. Those   graphics   by   today’s   standards   are   basic   to   say   the   least,   but   in   a time   when   we   had   never   seen   anything   like   that   before   they   fed   my imagination   and   became   evil-eyed   laser   wielding   monsters.   It   was   the first   time   that   digital   art   had   really   had   an   impact   on   me   and   led   me   on to the path that I now follow. Starting   out   in   my   spare   time   I   worked   as   a   collaborative   backdrop designer   on   some   of   the   early   C64   computer   games   before   moving   to   a TV   &   Video   post   production   company   to   create   commercial   video   tape graphics   and   titles.   I   also   worked   on   a   freelance   basis   producing   print   graphics   under   the   name   ‘XPX Graphics’. With   the   arrival   of   new   DVD   technology      in   the   late   90’s   and   the   later   explosion   of   on-line   video   services ‘PCN   Productions’   was   set   up   to   develop   Video/DVD   Authoring   transition   &   compilations   business.   I   found that   many   of   my   clients   were   also   asking   me   if   I   would   take   on   other   types   of   design   work   for   them.   I   slowly found   myself   more   and   more   in   the   ‘Graphic   Design’   world   as   these   requests   started   to   outnumber   the volume   of   dedicated   Video   production   work.   So   it   made   sense   to   move   over   to   this   discipline   and   utilise   the skills   I   have   honed   over   the   years   and   started   ‘PCN   Design’   to   accommodate   the   demand   for   the   design requests.   I   now   cover   all   types   of   design   work   from   a   simple   Logo   to   the   exciting   world   of   complete websites.    It   reminds   me   of   all   those   years   ago   of   when   those   tiny   white   Space   invaders   captivated   my   imagination, and showed just how powerful and creative well-designed graphics can be. Good design lasts forever. Paul