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“Anyone can design a ‘logo’ but designing the ‘right logo’  that encapsulates  your business and conveys your  message is a difficult skill to master”
The   simpler   the   logo,   the   more   it   will   be   remembered.   Every   detail   used   brings   additional information   to   decipher.      I   strive   for   a   logo   that   has   simplicity   and   clarity.   To   create   one that   is   equally   effective   at   every   size,   one   that   works   in   black   and   white   as   well   as   with carefully   considered   use   of   colour,   and   one   that   will   symbolically   represent   your   brand, even when used in glorious graphic isolation. No clutter, no confusion.
A   well   thought   out   successful   brand   and   logo   design   will   transcend   popular   design   cultures   and   will   move   through time to remain instantly recognizable with the positive attributes that you want to achieve.
A   Brand   is   more   than   a   name   and   a   coloured   symbol.   A   Brand   is   the   sub-total   of   all   the   “experiences”   your   customers have   with   your   business.   The   power   of   a   strong   logo   in   brand   identity   is   that   a   simple   visual   can   instantaneously communicate   a   brand   and   what   it   is   about.   A   brand   creates   perceived   value   for   consumers   through   its   personality   in a way that makes it stand out from other similar products.
A   logo   requires   a   lot   of   skill,   research,   creative   exploration   and   a   keen   eye   for   the   finest   detail. I   put   a   lot   of   time   and   effort   into   designing   the   right   solution   to   reflect   your   brand   message into a simple instantly recognisable logo that fits your ethos.